The founder of CENTURION®, has been a traveler and visited more than 100 countries, he noticed that the luggage bags are in common, and none of them has the appearance close to his expectation, which he always thinking about how to making this dimensional design to become the appearance of innovation.

One day it occurred to him that it was better off replacing 'Vertical Line' with 'Grate Pattern’, and launched CENTURION® in U.S.A. on Jan 1st 2015.

CENTURION® 的创始人,从年轻时就为了事业周游列国,足迹遍访百多个国家,他发现旅行箱普遍上都没太大分别,从那时起,如何创新的去改造旅行箱的想法,就一直缠绕在他的思绪里。

灵感袭来的一天,他最终决定以“格栅式”作为旅行箱的设计主轴,重新定义旅行箱的线条美学,继而在2015年1月1日的美国,诞生了CENTURION® 品牌。


CENTURION® believed, travel is to experience the value of life over this beautiful planet, to prove the meaning of own existence from the journeys, and the luggage bags not just showing the taste, but also an indispensable travel partners. The development of CENTURION® makes everyone could own a recognizable luggage bags.

CENTURION® 相信, 旅行是去体验生命存在的价值,从旅途中印证自身存在这美丽世界的过程。旅行箱不仅是品味的展现,也是旅途中不可或缺的伙伴。CENTURION® 的诞生,让每一位旅人都能拥有独特的旅行箱。


The core value of CENTURION® is premised on its irreplaceable soul spirit of advocating the continuation of 'ONE PLANET PRINCIPLE' to take care of the Earth. CENTURION® symbolizes "THEMATIC” luggage bags, leads the whole fashionable travel luggage industry to face the issue of the Earth concerns, such as the severe reality of environmental changes and global warmth.

CENTURION® 秉持着 “ONE PLANET PRINCIPLE” 的精神,以爱与和平去关怀及爱护地球。CENTURION® 以“主题式”旅行箱,创新带领整个旅行箱行业,携手面对及关注地球所面对的种种问题,包括了人文,环境与历史遗迹。


Save Ocean Save Forest Save Animals is the 3 major theme designs to CENTURION®, it is to make every travellers become the messenger, that bringing the messages for taking care and to love The Mother Nature to the world.

CENTURION® 以 【保护海洋 保护森林 爱护动物】 为三大设计主题,其品牌使命就是要以旅行箱的形态呈现人文的交流,致力于传承及传递生命的哲学,让每一位旅人都成为地球的信差,把爱护 【大地之母】的信息传播到全世界。